Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gigs: How Necessary Are They?

Good question...I'm glad you asked. Are you really in a band if you play only three gigs in over a year? Admittedly, to give us our due, they have been evenly spaced over that period, but I am not sure that counts for too much.
Rehearals have been cancelled by every band member except Paddy and he may have been intending to cancel one of those but was beaten to the punch by his anxious and sickly band mates. Things are looking a little much time is being spent on facebook rather than the blog that Crafty was forced to post.
SO!Fortunately we have a plan each band member has undertaken to to organise some kind of gig*. Paddy will take a demo to the Brunswick Hotel, Me to the Tote, Dan to the Commercial Hotel and Crafty to a pub of his choice. Excitingly, they have all promised to do it by the time they get to rehearsal next Monday**. This sounds agressive, I know, but we are an agressive band who definitely needs some match practice prior to the CD launch.

*This is not true but I am trying to force the issue.

**This is also not true but I am trying to force the issue.


Blogger silky-D said...

Silky-d is in Perth chasing Ben Cousins down the street but has told his employer he has to be back in Melb for an urgent function on Monday. He will try his hardest to get us a gig at the Burswood Casino Superdome but anything beyond that will have to wait till next week.

18/10/07 19:42  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Lucky crafty gets the commercial hotel then! I was involved in the phone system that went in to Burswood so I may have an angle there also. Ben Cousins, despite his gangsta tat, is unlikely to acheive the same kind of folkloric fame as Ned Kelly.

19/10/07 12:08  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Also...well done on making it back for rehearsal...I would have cried if we missed another one.

19/10/07 12:09  

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