Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dan Tastic!

The name of this post may trick you into thinking this is going to be about the longest squid, shortly to return from the Shaky Isles. But nothing could be further from the truth! This post is about one man's quest to satisfy his sweetie's fondness for little eggy pastries. And Yea, so it came to pass that the Harpo squid set about making Dan Tat on a chilly wet Sunday with nothing more than some ingredients, a die-hard will to make an enormous floury mess in the kitchen, and rockin tunes. The ingredients, I should mention, included a whole stick of butter and a quarter of a kilo of actual, pure lard. Mmmmm. Lard.

Harpo and Fluffy do enjoy an occasional Yum Cha, and never fail on these excursions to enjoy a Dan Tat or three. She once likened the delicate synthesis of pastry and filling to the complimentary relationship between a squid and a lady squid. Each on its own, neither would be especially great. But together they equal more than the sum of their parts.



Blogger silky-D said...

shattered this wasn't about me. But they do look pretty delicious, I spose.

your hands, her face and the tarts themselves all look lovely in the pics (not in that order, I hasten to add).

18/5/08 17:47  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Yum cha has figured heavily (as, indeed, has lard) in the founding, forging and on-going marital maintenance of my squid tank and...I think the largest strain brought by hairless local furry squid has been the cessation of tireless dim suming.

But, to paraphrase an iconic quirky australian comedy (aren't they all? - ED), why would you go out to eat when you can eat like this at home?

19/5/08 07:41  
Blogger Fluffy said...

Yum Cha (or Dim Sum, UT and his tank) is perfect food for baby squids once they've reached the magical age of eating solids.

1. the foods are small and are on the whole easy to handle
2. dumplings
3. the venues are expert at dealing with The Childs and are always equipped with high chairs and staff who want nothing more than to dandle your infant
4. dumplings
5. service is immediate - no interminable minutes entertaining the young'uns waiting for orders to arrive
6. is cheaps and extraordinarily delicious which leads me straight into point 7...
7. dumplings
8.usually a fish tank of soon to be eaten sea life to entertain and educate
9. dumplings

19/5/08 09:28  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

This is excellent advice and certainly points I had not considered...although dumplings have crossed my mind in the past. I too enjoy the fish tanks but always with a quickly dismissed painful pang of identification with a fellow traveller but one who has been trapped whilst I am free to be fed promptly at my table with as much or as little from each trolley as I desire (although getting drinks can sometimes require a bit more application from the fish has the upper hand on that point).

I must say, and I am surprised this info hasn't made it to the blog yet, if cheung fun isn't the most appropriately named dish I don't know what is, as it is just about the most fun I can have...grow up little man and let me lavish cheung fun upon you soon.

19/5/08 09:51  

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