Monday, May 26, 2008

That Ain't Workin'

Certainly, I do want my MTV. More than ever I understand Mark Knopfler's bilious sarcastic tirade against those who deride his chosen profession and the blood and guts he sweats (yes..he sweats guts! That's how freaking hard it is being a rock star). He didn't want to do it but he knows someone has to do the shit jobs...and it is thankless. So hard is it that Mark had to wear sweat bands on his wrists and around his head....he works really really hard. No question about it.

In fact, listening to the staccato blues of the over-driven riff and Sting's ethereal backing vocals on the Jonathan Coleman Experience today I actually felt for a moment that I had written the song.

Why? Because the hard graft has come home to roost (yes...graft roosts when it gets home...usually after it has been out watching Mark and learning a thing or two about its own definition in the process) and in the mail this evening was a sweet cheque for $19.04 from the good folks at APRA (see scanned document above) who have worked hard (not as hard as Mark but hard) and collected money so that we may be properly compensated for slogging it out. It's not as easy as it looks playing the guitar on your MTV (how should I know?) but $19.04 goes quite some way to easing the pain.

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Blogger Paddy said...

A hard-workin rock dog starts to get his due. What a splendid things to see!

27/5/08 18:30  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Needless to say, the 6-pack plus two beers are on me for the next rehearsal.

28/5/08 07:20  
Blogger silky-D said...

eight beers to hold me!

28/5/08 07:23  

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