Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This Is The B Flat

I shall have the perfect pitch of a 6 month old hence forth.

It has been a wee while since we have had a kit update and I have exciting news (which suggests I am lively). I was out promenading on Chapel street when I passed what had been my good friends at Fretted Instruments. To my surprise and dismay they had become Gallins, dismay because Gallins have always been a bit swift in my opinion (I realise Silky scored a hot deal on his Kaukonen [the hottest finnish guitarist ever?] and I have been very pleased with my dealings in recent years but in the early days they never had prices on anything and they once tried to sell me a custom made case, quite forcefully, at a high price when an off-the-shelf number did the trick...it never makes you feel warm towards a shop when their sales technique seems to involve ripping you off...and they never stocked fenders). However I noticed their grand opening sale was on and, always one for being manipulated into buying something that has been marked down to the price you could have got it for anyway, in I went. Anyway I bought a tuner. It works really, really well.

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it's a lame comment to leave,
but i do love the labels on the post.

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