Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's hard to rock with a keyboard player in the band...

I can't let this one pass without comment. The sister internment camp to the Guitar Gulag, the Keyboard Clink (pissweak I know) has lost my favourite jailbird. Richard "Richter Scale" Wright of The Pink Floyd will only be playing Great Gigs in the Sky from now on (amazingly not one article has used this so far...all the more amazing as this was one of Wright's few solo credits).
As far as I am concerned his biggest contribution was bringing back parallel 5ths as a legitimate harmony and conventional contrapuntal theory can go hang for all he cares. Too often his willowy vocals were mistaken for Gilmour's and where they sang in tandem he was a fine foil for Gilmour's sweet tones.
I reckon he was at his best on the two soundtrack albums Obscured By Clouds and More.

His first solo album, Wet Dream, is actually alright. I am gutted...absolutely gutted.


Blogger Paddy said...

This is the second Floyderdeath that this blog has had the sad duty to announce.

I've always liked his atmospheric work on things like the middle section of ‘Sheep’ from Animals — simple but arresting.

16/9/08 15:24  
Blogger silky-D said...

this passing was announced to me in another internet forum I sometimes grace and I thought to myself: "cue the endless writing of headlines regarding gigs in the sky."

16/9/08 15:33  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

As I say, I am yet to see it (I honestly only included it to highlight that I hadn't seen it...believe me...please). Further resarch (which is what googling is now called) has uncovered that where I thought he had written Clair Torry's wail, in fact he only wrote the piano chords and she improvised. The cheeky, and now dead, swine claimed full credit and she was paid saturday studio session rates. She sued last year and won.

16/9/08 16:05  

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