Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Songs of Praise

Silky laid one of the first reviews of "Eight Legs to Hold You" on the dudes at the last rehearsal. Apparently his friend liked "Someone to Tell Me" the best (it seems a very popular track with people I know who like their rock a little less hot but are keen to say something nice...my mother-in-law for instance who swears she gave the album two good listens, one of which whilst reading the lyrics...).

Silky felt much humour could be found in my quest for compliments once more being undone by Crafty's crooning ways. Little did I know it would get better.

The wife of a mutual friend after listing to the album reported back with:

"wow, Paddy's really good".
"mmm hmm, like anything else?" UT prods
"Paddy can really play can't he?" she continues
"uh huh...yup...he can" replies UT with a tone somewhere near zero kelvin.

However, I could reason this away as being someone who...I don't know...but the bitter prism of my ego parsed it somehow.

When I passed the disc to a friend in Sydney whom I considered to be hot rock simpatico I felt secure that he would wonder at my diverse opera, consider my vocal delivery second only to Willie Nelson as the greatest interpreter of song, and simply gnaw his own hard-on off over the hot shit I laid down in the solos.

He left me a voicemail on Sunday.

Modern Doug!, It's [name withheld] here. Just wanted you to know that I have listened to the album and I think it's great. Far and away my favourite bits are the lyrics to (Elton)Inter-Species Carnality Blues and my favourite track is Thin Walls. The rest is fine but those are really the stand-outs"

I kid you not...he liked Paddy's song the best...and made a point of saying he liked the LYRICS to Inter-Species...if I wasn't so utterly convinced of my own super hot shit the reviews received so far would be quite troubling. Poor Sydney friend got quite a tirade when I called him back, followed by a hang-up.

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Blogger Paddy said...

Firstly, the wife of the mutual friend had a good point, I thought.

Secondly, you've been able to elicit more feedback about the album than I have. I've distributed copies of the CD near and far. I've been depositing it hither and yon to friends and foes alike. I have sold it to people, given it to people, presented it to people, sneaked it in a sneakily sneaky manner into people's lives and yet the quantity of feedback I've heard has not kept pace.

So I commend you on that.

Thirdly, there is heaps of red-hot Park on display and Sydney friend was clearly out of line.

19/11/08 17:13  
Blogger silky-D said...

hope I'm not betraying a confidence here but below is an excerpt form an email I received the other day from an old friend not seen in ages.
I enclose it only to buck you up, Parky,
though it should be noted that the gent in question has not heard the album and is responding only to an mp3 of Crossbreed that I sent him the link to.

"It’s always a bit of a worry when friends say “Here, check out my band…” but… cool riff… so far so good… I may be wrong, but did he just say something about a druid… excellent… and then, what’s this… a surprise shredding guitar bit at the end… alright! I will totally buy a CD, if for no other reason than I’m very impressed you played the empress."

and all this from a fine judge of rock who -- I may be mistaken here -- once worked a s a scribe for Inpress, or Beat... or something.

(feel free to contradict me in the unlikely event you are reading this Harris).

19/11/08 18:03  
Blogger silky-D said...

and yes my lyrics are awesome.

19/11/08 18:07  
Blogger Fluffy said...

Don't tell Paddy, but my favourite song BY FAR is Crossbreed. The vocals are awesome, the guitar intro is chunky and DARE I SAY, sexy. The riff is determinedly cool and the extra vocal in the chorus is a bloody good idea and works well. So. Uh, don't tell Paddy I said that.

13/12/08 16:53  
Blogger Dan said...

I can't think of a single good reason that we don't have any songs about druids. Time to hit wikipedia for some research.

14/12/08 09:25  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

*gasp* Fluffy you bring happiness to the hardened heart of this misunderstood genious...future generations will thank you...and P-Fox is probably sure enough of his own hot shit by now...surely. My favourite is A Family's Mistake but that is probably because I am a big Richard Thompson fan and if you listen to Someone Else's Fancy from the rarities disc in the RT box set you will notice a passing similarity (the man himself encouraged me, indirectly, to pinch songs and change them until I have a new one...it is his one song writing tip...I swear).
So do you think it is the word Drooling that was mistaken for Druid?

14/12/08 19:08  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

And genious enough to misspell genius apparently...

14/12/08 19:11  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I put the disc around at work and an older dude, after listening to the whole thing managed only "I might give it to my son". We, like Paul Weller, are all about the Young Idea.

6/1/09 11:49  

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