Monday, October 30, 2006

Beds are Burning

As R.Kelly will tell you, it's hot and fresh out the kitchen. The beds are made and it's time for Norman and me to lie in them. I spoke to Paddy after the second session and he reckoned he had laid down some of the hottest, smokin'est licks and lines of his career. Hands bruised, bloodied and puffy from a monster day in the in and out field for the Preshil Cricket Club had me worried but some local kinky ale from the fine 3 Ravens brewery of Theobold st soothed his hands and steeled his nerve. It was insane! Then I, with local furry squid in toe, watched on as he compressed and effected the drums and bass, and before my and Nelly's ears the songs erupted with hot rock! Next cab of the rank is Silky-D.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Laying the beds

Recording went very well yesterday. There weren't so many fat-bottomed girls and hits from the bong as one might have expected, rather more croissants and cups of tea, but Dave provided some fine takes and we all left pleased with the drum sound we got.

Tempi were snappy, the drumming was energetic, the neighbours brought in their children to cheer us along, the fingerpointing and recrimination were minimal for a change, the afternoon tea was charming…

Bass and guitars to follow. My turn comes tomorrow night.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ink Runs Dry

Last night was the worst rehearsal ever with two (2) members crying off. I cannot speak for Norman D with confidence (as his silky word play leaves me grinning at the wall) but sincere apologies all round. The important upside is that we will be fresh for rocking the mic like vandals the Sunday during the first official recording session. For which we need a name...The Nugginsland Sessions? Crushingly, the clever ellision "Rocktober" has been used to great effect by numerous commercial radio stations for years and years and years.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Improved Filter

I was reading an interview with Guy Picciotto from Fugazi, as is my wont, and as usual I was inspired! The bit that caught my eye was the bit about the bands four members have high standards and excellent filters for bad stuff.
We need to improve our filters and we need to point out when any aspect of a song is weak. A serious and silly thing to say but I want us to be a band I would think has their shit so tight and so hot that we could get away with wearing tight, shiny leather trousers when we play.
Also, I really like the had made CD releases. I think it is our choice of port in this particular storm.
Please ignore me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tricks of the trade

Here's some hot but grainy YouTube footage of a slightly-bloated Robin Zander strolling through He's a Whore with the Tricksters in 1997. Not exactly the band in their pomp, but either way, the Inks stack up well in my estimation.
It also conclusively answers the 'soldier tea' vs 'green teeth' dilemma and proves that men of a certain age should not wear leather pants and that anyone sporting both a full beard and a baseball cap will look for all the world like a child molester.
For the musicologists out there, it's also noteworthy that Robin pulls out of the difficult note on the second 'any time at all.'

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello there Ladies and Gentlemen...

I practised my little heart out for 21 minutes last night while Mrs Squid was falling asleep in front of Forensic Investigators on Channel Seven. Making plodding progress on the new number, but progress nonetheless. Which brings me to my next point.

I submit another possible cover for the band's consideration and seek feedback. I reckon this would be immortal. Anyone who wants to lay into Cheap Trick with some non-constructive criticism should bear in mind that Silky-D LOVES Cheap Trick even more than he loves the Stikmen. He also wounds easily.

Those unfamiliar, or who just love to rock out, can listen here
He's a Whore

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Seperated at birth two...or cubed


Congratulations on acquiring your "Bootsy wah." I feel it's only a matter of time now before Crafty comes through with those costumes and we see Modern Doug Park attired in the style, displayed left.

Also, on the subject of Parliament... note to the drummer: any chance of a giant, flashing PVC flying saucer to spice up our on-stage presence?

Who's The Boss

Just to keep you all abreast of the latest in my struggles with my rig:

Using screws, nails, superglue, seaweed, clamps, threats of torture, cement, twine, and a small voodoo doll I have secured the driver firmly back into my speaker bin. A timely repair as, thanks to the wonders of EBay, my ME-50B turned up in the mail and I spent the weekend gleefully making all sorts of wonderful noises.

Every bass player needs a Bootsy autowah. It's in the rulebook.