Sunday, February 08, 2009

All The Platters That Matter

I attended a party this past Saturday eve at the handsome Wesley Anne. There I had good fortune to speak to, among squid partners and birthday girls, a young lady who was looking excellently pregnant for the second time. Whilst mulling with her the creeping feeling that world is hurtling into some serious trouble at our hands, she slipped in a startling chestnut (yes...chestnuts can be startling...particularly if they tap you on the shoulder whilst you are concentrating). She had been out powering walking on a weekday evening not so very long ago and listening to 3RRR as she gave her cardiovascular system, and that of her unborn child, a beneficial workout.

What should she hear but Hinny which was subsequently complimented by the disk jockey. Admittedly I only think it was Hinny because she said the song had a girls Jenny. She is sure it wasn't Richard Moffat who played it but it was at 6:30 in the evening and it was a dude...who could it have been? And how exciting.



Blogger Fluffy said...

That IS exciting! I'll get my RRR spies onto it and encourage further outings for this mighty little disc.

9/2/09 09:06  
Blogger Fluffy said...

From the incomparable Jess McGuire:

Zing! One quick Google search of the site for the word "squid" did the trick...

9/2/09 09:18  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Well done Fluffy. I am grateful. So it was the crafty (no relation) old Neil Rogers. I gave CDs with personal hand written notes to Neil, Richard Moffat, Jacinta Parsons and the dude whom you are told to submit them to for general consumption. My apologies for not directing it JM also but I figured I only have 25 in total and I need to sell/give some so I directed them at Australian Music dudes.

9/2/09 09:46  
Blogger Dan said...

my word we are in some fine company there.

Triffids, Died Pretty, BILLY THORPE!

9/2/09 10:17  
Blogger Dan said...

also, would kill to know what the back announce compliment was.

I don't get many, let's face it.

9/2/09 10:39  
Blogger Fluffy said...

I believe Jess got a copy from us, as did Genny B of Livewire.

9/2/09 11:15  
Blogger Paddy said...

Splendid news. RRR once again is awesome.

If we don't yet know exactly what Neil Rogers thought of Hinny, what did the excellently pregnant young lady think of it?

9/2/09 11:21  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

She was highly complimetary, particularly of the vocals. And she leapt in my already high estimation by saying the guitar work was excellent. She is of some high musical pedigree herself and seems to have a thing for drummers...further to an earlier post I did not ask about the connection between drumming and singing at the same time and sexual prowess...though being pregnant for the second time to a drummer he can clearly point it in the right direction.

9/2/09 16:48  

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