Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Ox is Fecund

I have taken in recently The Chemistry Set and on a slightly larger scale, Neil Young. Neil was great but it is always a shame when he doesn't bring the Horse. It sounded at times like he was playing with session musicians...and what was he doing letting Ben Keith play guitar, he was way too timid, where as his pedal steel soared. Some pleasing and surprising choices in the set list (always great to hear I've Been Waiting For You) and some spectacular clangers (Sea Change which as far as I know is unrecorded) which did actually serve to make the high points higher.

Anyway I have departed from my point. So I went to see Melbourne funsters The Chemistry Set, for my review you should subscribe to the Preshil Cricket Club email list where you will also see my vituperative secretarial side, and I arrived heavy with eight legs to hold me. I furnished the barkeep via a post-pot-purchasing-mumble with said slab of HOT ROCK!, explained we felt a bit silly for not including any contact details but maintained that it gave us indie/art cred (for it is us!). So I called them yesterday to see if they had listened to it and they had in fact emailed me an hour before offering us a gig.

Thursday the 19th of March in the Year of the Ox at the Brunswick Hotel. About a year and a half since the last gig. I don't think this should be the launch.

One thing though...they want to charge us $100 for providing the PA and the mixer...which really means the mixer. This is probably fine as we used to pay $60 to the mixer 15 years ago but the "pay to play" rankles with me a bit. I guess if you want to play on Sydney rd that is the cost.


Blogger Fluffy said...

Ooh! I've popped this in the diary. Do you need some gig posters knocked up? Or will you use the CD artwork (I reckon you should - it's cracker). Can I be the bint on the merch table? I have retail experience.

4/2/09 16:58  
Blogger Crafty said...

Can it really be that easy?!?!?!?

4/2/09 17:02  
Blogger silky-D said...

so they ... liked us?


It would be awesome to have posters. Simply awesome. But I defer to other band members on matters of graphic design.

4/2/09 17:06  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Dear Fluffy,
Thank fuck someone reads this blog. Had you not commented and caused the dudes to receive an email I may well have been doing a solo show.

Yours sincerely

4/2/09 17:10  

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