Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pedal Power

Today I took myself down to the Swap Shop and braved the guitar nerds to lay claim to my own slice of this orange-bellied baby, the worlds most common-as-muck distortion pedal.

I thought these badmuthas were all much of a muchness but was set straight by a helpful but shy indie-boy customer. Peering from behind his improbable fringe he pointed to two seemingly identical DS1 pedals and asked which one I was plumping for. One of them was missing a dial so I was making a red-hot beeline for the other one.

That's when he told me: ''this one (missing dial) is three years older, it's better cos it was made in Japan. By the time the other one came out, production had shifted to Taiwan." He kinda spat out "Taiwan" with a note of disgust.

I said, "do they sound any different?" and he said "not really, this one's just cooler." They certainly looked identical.

Tending more towards tightarse than audiophile I opted for the $10 cheaper Taiwanese model.

I say, go for it Taiwanese people, only by taking over the manufacturing of cheap electronics from Japan could you protect yourselves from the evil Communist powers that covet your tiny island. And it has all three nobs!

I plugged it in and I sound less like my old self. Which is to say, better. Can't wait till Friday...


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I would always trust the Kuomintang for a distortion pedal over a nation run by a guy who has recorded an album of his favourite elvis covers (that said, Mrs Tedium has a crush on Koizumi for his resembelance to Richard Gear...this is true).
Note to self: Expand Crafty's repetoire to include Elvis's "Love Me".

5/9/06 21:38  
Blogger silky-D said...

One thing's for certain.... Richard Gere is no friend of red China (he's a dalai Lama guy) for evidence just see his anti-Beijing propaganda piece "Red Corner" (actually don't, it sucks.)
Obvioulsy the Japanese don't much like China either (something to do with some disputed islands or else maybe residual awkwardness over that whole "rape of Nanjing" thing.
Good thing they don't make cheap distortion pedals in China or I'd be forced to boycott them. Come to think of it I'm sure they do make them there.

5/9/06 22:30  

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