Thursday, August 31, 2006

Django's gammy-handed genius

I'm in danger of usurping Tedium's status here as the only bloke that ever posts anything so I'll clear this up and then enter into a temporary monastic silence for which you can all be thankful.

Django Reinhardt, whose name I cruelly mis-spelled, was an awesome dude, who is one of the greatest guitar dudes ever. He was an illiterate gypsy who lived in Germany but escaped Hitler's concentration camps with help from a Luftwaffe officer called Dietrich Schulz-Köhn (who also went by the sobriquet "Doktor Jazz") and who admired Django's playing.

Django badly burned his hand when he knocked over a candle at home when aged 18. His wife Bella made fake flowers out of paper for a living and all of the flowers caught fire, maiming young Django. N.B pic above is of Django's actual hand, not an artist's representation.

For my money this is a far better story than Schindler's list.

Also, and I realise this is getting tedious now, Jimi Hendrix allegedly named the Band of Gypsies after Django.

Inner Circle, The Strokes and Sheldon Whatisname are not so interesting, I reckon.


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That is pure gold. Thank you Dan.

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