Monday, August 21, 2006

Paddy's Geeky Buzz

I plugged in my speakers last night after I'd got home from rehearsal. Last year I bought a DIY kit for some sweet speakers and Crafty Dave kindly cut the woodwork for it. I put a splash of undercoat on it and then sort of just poked it in the corner of a room and neglected the project for months.

In a burst of madcap, energy-fuelled enthusiasm over the last week I painted the speakers with some frighteningly glary black gloss and assembled the puppies.

New hifi equipment is a bit of a thrill. You listen to your old, familiar music collection but the geeky buzz that comes from the extra clarity and stereo imaging of really lovely speakers makes the old, familiar music collection just that much more enjoyable to listen to.

It was late by this stage so in consideration for my neighbours I didn't crank it too much but I listened to some Chili Peppers, some Mars Volta, some Stravinsky, some At The Drive-In, I pulled out my copy of Amadeus and watched a bit of that (ooh those courtiers were nasty to poor old Mozart) and was loving every bit of it.



Blogger Crafty said...


22/8/06 08:28  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Perhaps I have crossed over...but I don't see anything even slightly geeky about this. This is a fine display of passion for not only the arts but lovers, fighters and thinkers everywhere.
And I mean every word of it.

22/8/06 21:03  
Blogger silky-D said...

Nothing wrong with geeky. Indeed Paddy is not the only squidder exploring new frontiers. I was listening to Newsradio last night (total Pointdexter)
and they reported that, in a further worrying sign of our ever warming climate, squid have been found for the first time off the coast of Alaska.
the squid army is on the move. first we take alaska...

and in a further sign of my own geekiness, I find myself wondering if I should capitalise Pointdexter?

22/8/06 23:20  
Blogger silky-D said...

how impressive is the squiddy montage you've made to pictorially accompany this anecdote?
fine work indeed.

25/8/06 13:14  
Blogger Paddy said...

Thank you for saying so. Yes, there's nothing geeky about squiddy montages.

25/8/06 14:01  

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