Friday, August 04, 2006

Greenwich Midian Time

It was totally squidtastic to get back in the ring last night (the old ring of Midian to be precise… not as nice but doesn't leave us as politically compromised as the Dane Centre). After overcoming a lack of second-guitarist, a flat car battery (thank you RACV-man), a bird shitting on me while waiting for RACV-man, a poorly wisdom-toothless wife with a puffy, sore face and a broken string and machine head about three songs in, we rocked.

It is all set to happen again next Thursday… do we have a Silky? Dave said kind things about the new song and many other things about how tired and old he felt (yes, kiddies out there in blogland, Crafty says a lot more in person). Paddy sneezed and croaked and coughed and ripped the bass to shreds before loading out in a large utility vehicle. If there were a prize for the band member who has shown up to rehearsal in the largest variety of cars then it would be Paddy's to keep.


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