Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Position, Profit, Potential - The Hinny Verdict

I can't listen to the song as my crap-top is too slow to open it on the dial-up connection in my seedy hotel room.
So I grabbed my guitar and played the chords and I think Hinny sounds good. I presume it's even better when tedium plays it and not me. Are there lyrics?
But I did also want to register how impressed I was that you posted a comment in response to your own original post.
you're conversing with you!
While we're on the subject of DP, here's two things that occurred to me after I just drank a bottle of cheap riesling.

1) there's a suburb near Woolongong called Douglas Park. The above house is for sale there. The pitch is: "position, profit, potential." Apropriate or no?
2) idea for stadium rock tour gag: when we "introduce the band" and get to "modern Doug Park" we break into David Bowie's Modern Love, with the words wittily changed to "Modern Doug"


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

There are lyrics....but I am too shy to post them on the WWW. I was unaware of the suburb but I do know that my name lends itself to geography and locations more so than humans...although there are quite a lot of Doug Parks in Korea. I feel the need to repond to my own posts out of overwhelming panic. Please see the next post for a monster bombshell.

20/7/06 09:08  

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