Friday, July 21, 2006

From Hinnies to Finnies...

I give you Suomi's finest...Park.

They make "dark yet beautiful and catchy music" and have a slick website (again, if only we knew a web developer who was a major shareholder in a vertically-integrated multinational web-hosting and content-management company). From the picture they try to give the impression that, despite having one fewer memebers, they would rip the head off Silkstone and shit down their necks but it looks to me like it is all front and it would be one of those embarassing situations where it turned out that the keyboardist from Silkstone is in fact a ninjitsu instructor and the boys from Park end up having to hand over their nokias and get rolled for their dr martins.


Blogger silky-D said...

I could be wrong
(I hope I am)
and I certainly haven't googled...
but I fear there is no international supergroup
named Borgeest
although if there were, they would almost certainly be VERY metal
perhaps their satanic anthem would be
"the number of the Borgeest."
Jephcott, I think, would be wackier...
maybe a Madness tribute band or something?

22/7/06 09:42  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Inadvertantly in my html noodling on friday night (yes I am such a super hot snippy that I was noodling html on a friday night) I seem to have fixed the rendering in Internet Explorer.
The main Borgeest I come across is Dr Rolf Borgeest and the irrepressible good guy Gus Borgeest. Pleasingly, a google picture search of Jephcott brings up Dave's dad at number 11 at

22/7/06 23:03  

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