Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Love and Theft

Nothing to do with the band follows:

-We were burgled in July 2005. The thief took a laptop, digital camera and mini iPod, and in return left a bloody hand print on the wall (either he had cut himself on the window he smashed or was savaged by my two 2-month-old puppies...I suspect the former.
-Policeman comes and takes blood swab from wall and tells me the stuff's gone and I probably should have had insurance...thanks for the tip.
-I get a call from Det Insp Towner in May 2006. They have caught a bloke via DNA comparison and the thief is currently serving time for another crime in Sale.
-To cut a long story short he pleads guilty at his trial yesterday and in an effort to reduce his sentence he shows up with cheques for the broken window and the stolen stuff. Now, so long as the cheques don't bounce, I am completely gobsmacked.


Blogger Paddy said...

This, my friend, is 24-carat solid gold.

Hooray for Det Insp Towner! Hooray for time off for good behaviour! Hooray for the puppies!

15/8/06 13:16  
Blogger silky-D said...

You mean we're only supposed to post stuff about the band?
Clearly I've been labouring under a considerable misapprehension... and I was planning to post pics of myself driving a Ferrari just as soon as I found the time...
Congrats on getting your shit back... although I can't help but feel for the poor bastard that Joe Felon stole from to get the money for the cheques to pay you back.
Circle of life, I suppose... I think this whole episode probably calls for another spontaneous exercise in online collective lyric writing... unavailable title: Red Right Hand.
BTW thanks for sending me those chords yesterday.
It should be noted, though, that I spent all day helping Kim's brother move house in Cranbourne West (yes, there really is somewhere even further away than Cranbourne itself)
So I didn't get the email till about 11pm ... I tried out a few versions of Turbine, though and will now redouble my efforts post practice tonight.
I also like the new stuff, particularly the first one. What's behind this orgy of creativity over at Park Manor?

15/8/06 13:25  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

These are kind words. Yes, I worry about the other guy who got robbed by DI Towner, who had so far been a cynical hardened police type, seemed to think he was making an effort at a new life and he did look less like a junkie than when he interviewed him...so I am hopeful (or in denial). Alice cried with sadness for the felon and felt we shouldn't cash the cheques...I argued that despite our middle-class guilt it wasn't really on to break in and steal our stuff. I feel very much for his position...but he shouldn't have broken in, patted my dogs, and stolen my stuff (who am I trying to convince here).
Thanks. I liked the first one better also but the second is interesting...trust me, there is something there...not sure why for the first time in my life I wrote two songs in a week. The lyrics, as always, are just place holders...they are meaningless.

15/8/06 14:41  
Blogger silky-D said...

that's very post-modern of you. almost french.

15/8/06 14:54  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Le lyrique, comme toujours, est les supports justes d'endroit... qu'ils sont sans signification.

I was more apologising for them

15/8/06 16:21  

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