Friday, September 01, 2006

Made in England.

Got my Laney head back from the shop. The pimply lackey behind the desk couldn't tell me what the repair man had fixed on it. I just handed over my cash and hoped everything will be OK.

A rather odd pair of symptoms had afflicted my amp: after, say, three-quarters of an hour of rock-hard Squid Ink killer bass lines it would start distorting my sound horribly. And then the amp somehow completely fried the coil on my tasty Altec driver. Damn.

Fingers crossed the amp will no longer distort horribly and blow up my speakers.

If anybody has any 15" drivers lying idle they can sell me then do let me know.


Anonymous Dr B said...

I don't really want to lower the usual tone of scintillating artistic discussion by talking speaker practicalities, but consider taking your speaker to somewhere like Total Recoil and have it recoiled for about $30 instead of buying a new one.
Otherwise a jaycar $40 paper cone is good replacement for hard thrashing.
Personally, I'm disappointed that it was blown by faulty electronics rather than by tuning down to C for extra swamp and turning your amp up to 11.

1/9/06 19:51  
Blogger Paddy said...

This is solid gold. Cheers Dr B. I had just assumed that speakers had to be replaced once they'd failed.

Here was I making the band pay $15 to hire a bass rig for rehearsal last night.

I was surprised the failure was due to electronics: our rock burns a white-hot flame that burns like a supernova and anything close by is in danger of utter destruction and then the guy in the shop just goes, “yeah these amps can go DC sometimes and now that cab of yours is a doorstop…” It's somewhat deflating, really.

4/9/06 10:21  

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