Sunday, September 10, 2006

The ongoing saga of Paddy's rig.

For those of you breathlessly anticipating word of the repairs to my rig, your cries of anguish and deprivation have been heard. I am about to bring you up to date.

Last week, after reading some advice from a commenter on this blog (Hello Dr B!) I pulled the blown driver out of my speaker bin and dropped it into the shop to be rebuilt.

Me: "Hello my good man. Would you be so good as to fix this sorry-looking thing for me?"
Shopguy: "Why certainly. Is that it there? OH MY GOD! IT'S HIDEOUS!"
Me: "Yes. Umm, can I have it recoiled please?"
Shopguy: "You fool! Of course it must be completely reconed. Look at it!"
Me: "Sure OK. Will you recone it?"
Shopguy: "Is this from a car, or a home stereo?"
Me: "No, no. It's from a bass guitar speaker bin."
Shopguy: "WHAT?! You imbecile. I mean, look at it! A paper cone?! It's too soft. Idiot. What amplifier are you using?"
Me: "A Laney Pro Bass."
Shopguy: "A LANEY PRO BASS? WHAT!? But that needs a 4ohm load: this speaker is 8ohms. Look at it, dolt."
Me: "Well, it's only a solid-state amp. It's merely underpowered, it won't break anything."
Shopguy: "Pfft. It's your money, asshole. Come back tomorrow. And bring cash."

I returned the next day, handed over a healthy pile of my money and collected what looked like a beautiful work of art. The cone was an elegant blue and made of some hard material. New cork had been glued around the front edge. I screwed it back in to the bin and drove off to rehearsal.

That was the first time I'd tried the repaired amp I told you about last week, let alone this new speaker. Dave and I set up, I plugged in and let rip. Shopguy had done a brilliant job, the notes from the lower end of the E string were deliciously commanding, the higher frequencies were nice and clear. Aah, it is so nice to have my rig back.

If anybody needs any work on speakers, I can give you Shopguy's number: he's awesome.


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Does he just do speakers or would he tell me I am mistreating my fender twin also? I need someone to look at me incredulously and charge me a lot of money as I haven't had it done in about 10 years.

11/9/06 15:52  
Blogger Paddy said...

This particular chap only does speakers. I'm sure he'd be able to do some masterful things to the speakers in your Fender Twin—and I'm sure he'd be perfectly polite about it—but I'm afraid you may need to look elsewhere if you are hoping to get the spring reverb or the amplifier looked at.

11/9/06 17:11  

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