Monday, September 20, 2010

A Shot At The Title

On Thursday the 9th of November 2006 Silky-D laid down a challenge. In the time since I have thought about the question. I have cogitated. I have writhed. I have wrestled. I have shaken my puny fists at the firmament. I have written some shit hot songs.

And then...what's this? Nearly four years later (that bit surprised me actually) I saw that Maroon 5 were about to release their new album. First, the name, Hands All Over, seems like a flaccid rip off of the Squid Ink debut. But the true majesty is in the exquisite awfulness of the cover. To be honest, I don't think it tops Daltrey, but my oh my is it bad. I think the quality I admire most is how the photographer by any objective measure has ticked all the right boxes for sexual allure (like a totally stacked babe, like totally nude on a bed, dude) but has achieved only a flat-pack emulation of sexiness. I think the only thing I can say in favour of the cover is that the image of the woman, arched as she is towards the sky, seems to be paying homage to the cover shot of that classic Daltrey solo album Ride A Rock Horse.

I heard the lead single at the barber today. This album may be the reason why punk had to happen again.


Blogger Paddy said...

I didn't know Maroon 5 had a new album coming out! I am very excited. Particularly seeing that enticing album cover. Tell me where your barber is so that I may visit and hopefully hear the lead single.

21/9/10 11:36  
Blogger silky-D said...

produced by Mutt Lange,no less,I believe. Possibly not Mutt's crowning achievement. Interestingly,I recently bought a McCoy Tyner album called "Passion Dance" which has got to be a pretty strong contender for worst title.

21/9/10 12:09  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I'm not telling you where the barber is. Your hair is lovely and I don't want you to hear the can't un-hear it you see?

Yes, Mr Twain is behind the Maroon5 and their desperate attempt to not be a one-hit wonder.

I appreciate that you both now feel, since I went in to my guilt tantrum, like you have to comment.

Possible bad album title "Guilt Tantrum"

21/9/10 14:09  

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