Sunday, June 13, 2010

On Grand Themes

Our attempts to race album number 2 have halted for a variety of reasons. My non-band activities are largely to blame but there are many additional reasons. Another that springs to mind is the slight paucity of material, and in some instances sub-squid-standard material.

What we did manage to record is at once encouraging and discouraging...and ultimately not enough. Sometimes I listen and I hear gold, sometimes I listen and I hear lead.

What does strike me is the, I believe, inadvertent partial move from my randy sex lyrics to addressing the big issues. Contained within the short set of songs we cover euthanasia, abortion, illicit (gay, if Silky is right)love, slave trade, indentured prostitution, Uri Geller and scientific animal abuse. Birth appears to be absent and I am planning to address this, although I feel Pink Floyd's Embryo says all there is to possibly say on the subject. Perhaps tax free superannuation contributions is another hole in the story? What about an eliotesque Key To All Mythologies?

Not wishing to be too National Times about things by ending with a few questions but are missing anything else? Or have we covered all possible grand themes?

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Blogger Dan said...

Modern Doug Park: Vocals, lead guitar, gold guitar.

13/6/10 18:37  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I did notice the pleasing heteronym. Gold guitar? I think of it as more a mustard colour.

Possible birth lyric:
"I am the coolest dude in this fallopian tube".

Possible album titles:
Easy To Rock
A Key To All Mythologies

13/6/10 21:32  
Blogger Fluffy said...

I say UT, would you put up the Empress gig poster as a post here? I'm trying to send it to a friend who isn't on Facebook (GASP!) so without a log in he can't view it on the Squid's Facebook page.

25/6/10 10:41  

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