Friday, June 04, 2010


I don't know if you remember the show, but The Young Ones once had an episode where all four of the lads were unwell. They all had colds and got grumpy at each other (as opposed to other episodes where a bomb dropped on the house and they all got grumpy at each other or where they mysteriously fell through some kind of a time warp and they all got grumpy at each other). This comes to mind as I am at my workdesk on a Friday afternoon pumping out the hot stuff for my employers and their shareholders. Like Neil, Rick, Mike and Vyv, I am gobbing up great piles of unpleasant bodily excretia; coughing and sneezing, befowling mountains of handkerchiefs. It is gruesome.

All of my coworkers here in the office are as sick as I. Filthy crew that they are. If we somehow had Madness turned up here playing Our House we wouldn't be able to hear it over all the coughing here. God it's revolting. There is some extreme acupuncture, involving six-inch nails, I'd be pleased to perform on them all.

I date the beginning of the worst for me at last rehearsal. I have a nasty history of rocking up to the rehearsal room with a bit of a cold and then ruining my throat through over-singing. My technique isn't great and I sing quite high for me in many of the songs and my voice gets trashed.

I have not done a great deal of research into the subject so does anybody have proper tips on how to avoid ruining my voice when I have a little bit of a cold? I guess the only correct answer is “take singing lessons for five years”


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

It was never in question, but you are clearly made of sterner stuff. I spent tuesday through friday last week off sick from work (I think my first ever 4 day stretch). My two little disease incubators delivered me a low blow and I was like Rick after he tried to overdose and mistakenly took laxatives. I wonder if our western cousins have been well?

Absolutely no idea, obviously, how to protect your voice. Any idea how to sing in tune? How to sing harmonies?

7/6/10 08:35  
Blogger silky-D said...

every single person I know is sick at the moment, I am feeling ok but getting nervous... it can only be a matter of time. Yesterday, in a moment of pre-emptive panic I necked a six-year-old echinacea and garlic tablet I found lurking in the darker recesses of the medicine cabinet. I did this even though I was perfectly aware that this would make no conceivable difference to my physical state (which I guess renders it useless even as a placebo).
As the only member of the band discouraged from singing -- not just in the rehearsal studio when harmonies are divvied up but also in hs own car when the radio is on and his wife is present -- I feel I cannot really offer Paddy much in the way of vocal tips (other than to note that he has already had singing lesson and that therefore the solution may not lie there but more in a requirement that he harden the fuck up ASAP).


7/6/10 09:25  
Blogger Paddy said...

Silky, take care. There is some sort of sporting event over the next month you don't want to be sick through. Get into that echinacea and garlic.

8/6/10 22:43  

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