Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Back In Black

Long time no speak. Things I have learned in the interim:

1) I am slightly embarrassed that we have let the blog slide...Paddy once said "No one blogs anymore"...and he was right...but we bucked the trend for quite some time. We should have kept it up.

2) The Beatles remasters caused me to listen to most of the Beatles' albums for the first time. I was unaware how many ordinary songs they had hidden on their early albums. Sie Liebt Dich is a total revelation.

3) My new squid baby is a lovely boy.

4) I miss rehearsing, let alone playing gigs. Silky's facebook post about LAX gives me hope that we may soon be on again once more for some hot hot rock!

5) Justine Clarke is the greatest interpreter of song of the modern era. Disagree? Pick up Songs To Make You Smile and listen to how effortlessly and good humouredly she glides between the many genres covered.

6) My son was wrong at least two ways when he said "Pat gave me that" about a present that Paddy gave the new squid. Possibly three ways if it was in fact from Fluffy via said Pat. The blanket and excellent hat for son number one are equally as excellent for son number two Fluffy. You know your kiddy shizzle, no question.

It is lovely to be back. Hopefully this will inspire others but at least one of them is now a celebrity blogger who probably won't lower himself. I am down the coast this week and have the uke with me (could not fit the guitar and even had to give up underpant space for the uke). Some new songs in the offing...just need a band.

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Blogger Paddy said...

1) No one blogs anymore

2) Paul and John's sense of humour when they were young was pretty puerile, it seems. They would always sang it "sie liebt dick" and chortle into their microphones.

3) To my sorrow I have only met him once so far and he was asleep. Keen to say hi soon.

4) I came up with the hottest, catchiest, rockingest song over the summer. But I've forgotten it.

5) Home and Away's greatest vocal talent? Perhaps.

6) It was, indeed, a gift from Fluffy. She knows her kiddy shizzle.

5/3/10 12:32  

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