Monday, November 16, 2009


Today is exciting. Not only is it the evening before my wife's birthday (that is her actual birthday and not the day she gives birth...a mere 3 weeks away, though any day really), but it is chance for the fans to see behind the magical curtain. To delve straight to the three hearts of the Squid Ink creative Deus Ex Machina. Here is footage of a guy I paid to learn the new bit to one of our new songs, which means it will now go a bit longer. The band are well aware of this song in a much faster, groovier and more richly instrumented format but the descending B, A, G, F# x 3 is new to them. Consider this notice to begin the nestorian task of learning this intricate slab of genius before next rehearsal.

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Blogger Paddy said...

Firstly, certainly, my heartiest good wishes to Mrs Tedium on her birthday.

Secondly, I am afraid to admit that my Homeric scholarship is not what it should be and I had to turn to the internet to learn about Nestor and what his tasks might be like.


Fourthly, that's some red-hot Squid Ink blog vision right there. I love it.

17/11/09 13:04  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Fortunately just about everyone in Greek mythology had tasks. Nestor is not to marked out for tasks as he more "helped out" on a few that Jason and some others were busy with. I was just avoiding giving Heracles the standard run but having specifically 12 tasks he is much more appropriate.

17/11/09 13:19  
Blogger Dan said...

thought it was a reference to Canadian tennis pro Daniel Nestor, to be honest, and therefore some sort of point about labouring in obscurity.

17/11/09 14:24  
Anonymous S Sultana said...

please visit my blog.

8/12/09 00:59  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I find this seductive come hither irresistible.

8/12/09 09:19  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Thanks Sultana. That was a fascinating stroll through a comparison of colleges in the UK. Not only intersting generally but pertinent for four guys who like their rock hot and fresh from the kitchen.

8/12/09 09:54  

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