Friday, September 18, 2009

The Fifth Squid...

Fluffy pointed me in the direction of a Northcote recording studio which goes by the name of the Soundpark because of the happy coincidence with my own surname. The website certainly looks the business and they proclaim themselves to be well priced. But, and I acknowledge what an intersting peice of info it was, it made me feel dirty to consider using anyone other than Trevor. The man records albums excllently and builds at least some part of two squid homes.

Trevor has no idea he is the fifth squid and would possibly be upset to hear that he is. I will never forget when we finished the mix on Crossbreed and as the silence filled the room he swung around on his chair and said "Gentlemen, you have just recorded your first number one single". Of course he was wrong...and I had asked him to say it...but I will never forget it.

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Blogger Fluffy said...

Imma real happy for you UT and Imma gonna let you finish but...

I offered Soundpark up as a potential rehearsal studio rather than a recording one. Nice and close to at least two squids and probably no further for the Yarraville representatives.

18/9/09 16:29  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I am so dreadfully embarassed. That is a fine idea...but what about the 6th squid that is Mr Midian...really he is the first squid...he is the egg before our chicken. Without Mr Midian, not a one of the three hearts beats.

18/9/09 16:55  
Blogger tragicflyer said...

I think the Squids have missed a trick here. The only reason Crossbreed didn't break on the charts was that you didn't have Andy White on drums.

19/9/09 08:44  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Now that you mention it....Bootsie on bass, Buckethead on the axe and Willie dueting with Sheryl Crowe...we really might have had something. Perhaps we are overdue the Squid Ink duets album (Nora Jones, Ozzie, Iggy, Willie, Sheryl...none of them seem capable of refusing the offer of a duet).

Silky has mentioned before that the mid-career nashville album is ahead of us.

Perhaps also the back-to-basics, return-to-form, original-line-up, we're-really-sorry-for-the-last-album album.

20/9/09 20:31  
Blogger Dan said...

one word: MOTOWN.

20/9/09 20:47  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Dan, to use an embarrassingly pillaged piece of hot bard action, a rose by any other name would not have the same name as my mother-in-law.

How about Squid Ink does the American songbook?

20/9/09 21:33  

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