Tuesday, July 14, 2009

JJJ top 100 songs of all time

Sex On Fire made the list.

Of the top 100 songs of all time.

Tion didn't even make a place and Kings Of Leon are in the top 100.


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

He has a sexy voice apparently...and his sex is on fire...we can't compete. Where, I ask you, was Lynard Skynard's Gimme 3 Steps (yes, yes and where were all the girlies?).

More pertinently for this blog I notice that the JJJ audience have come down on Paddy's side of the (I'm) Stranded arguement with Crafty. This Perfect Day came on the radio this afternoon whilst I ws driving, happy times.

14/7/09 15:52  
Blogger Dan said...

being a right on dude, I was outraged yto read (for I would certainly not listen to this station) about the final list and its lack of female artists...

then I wondered what ladies I would have in my best 100 songs ever... it's harder than you think.

Maybe "Big Exit" by PJ Harvey?

everybody seems to like Patti Smith but I find her a bit irritating, tbh.

Possibly I would have Total Control by The Motels, but that doesn't seem very trip, trip, triple J.

Likewise all of the motown hussies.

Some Pretenders, maybe? Although the Pretenders always seem to me to be one of those bands who are better in theory... I never actually LISTEN to the Pretenders.

hmmm.... how vexing.

14/7/09 16:07  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I discussed this in passing with Fluffy last night amid technical talk. I thought Nico was unlucky not to get a number in there...even when fronting VU. Best of all time may be stretching it a bit but she certainly had some better numbers than anything the very daft and not overly punky Daft Punk ever did and they manged 2 songs in there!!

14/7/09 16:15  
Blogger Fluffy said...

I've never really noticed but people seem to have a different set of criteria vis a vis what they rate as a song worthy of inclusion in the top 100 of all time and what they actually listen to. I think Aretha Franklin and Joni Mitchell are amazing and worth a nod on the 100 but do they feature on my iPod? No. Laydeez and lady inclusive bands on high rotation on my iPod are:

Charlotte Gainsbourg
Britney Spears
The Arcade Fire
Basement Jaxx
The Dandy Warhols
Lykke Li
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

14/7/09 18:07  

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