Saturday, June 06, 2009


It's pleasing to note, from time to time, how thoroughly the Squid Ink way of life infiltrates modern society.

This week's example comes from page seven of the Good Weekend magazine which came free with today's copy of The Age.

Question four of the quiz asks “What marine creatures have three hearts and blue blood?” which is a lock-it-in, put-your-house-on-it gimme for any fan of the band.

And then, only inches away is question 15 of the quiz which asks “What type of animal is a hinny?”

What type of animal is a hinny? Is this the final proof that Squid Ink's radio-friendly smash hit is taking over the press or possibly that Ms MacDonald and Mr Schluter, who compiled this particular quiz, were at the gig at the Brunswick Hotel — hoping in vain to see a fellow Fairfax employee playing onstage — and thereafter had Squids and crossbreeds on their minds?

Food for thought.



Blogger Fluffy said...

The squid machine has blue blood and four hearts. Three is just inaccurate. Time to check your facts, The Age!

Irate, Brunswick.

7/6/09 00:18  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I do hope they specified in the answer that the mother must be a donkey and the father a horse...I would hate to see sloppiness from Melbourne's independent organ.

7/6/09 11:58  

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