Saturday, May 30, 2009

Squid Ink Go Global

Global is a fairly loose term as we have been struggling to crack Africa and most of the Americas but non-continental Europe has been smashed (particularly a small corner of the home counties). I sent this link to the dudes via a Generation Y social networking device and it was blocked I think for the use of the word cock inside Buzzcocks...and I thought Generation X were a bunch of prudes? Which leads me neatly to an my conversations with people who have attended gigs and listened to the debut Magnum Opus we have been likened to, in order: Stiff Little Fingers, the Buzzcocks, the Descendants and in the review below (taken, perhaps not, from the Whitstable and District Echo, an organ no doubt well respected by Silky for its gritty, hard-nosed, good-old-fashioned-get-out-there-and-find-a-story kind of journalism mixed with cutting edge cultural reportage...and apparently all done for the visually impaired) Stiff Little Fingers and the Buzzcocks again. This is heady company we keep. I find it genuinely uplifting that the reviewer has actually listened to the album.
Squid Ink : 8 Legs To Hold You. **** Album of the week.

"These Aussie wierdos certainly have more in common with English punk outfits like Buzzcocks and Stiff Little Fingers than their compatriots and ex-prisoners Midnight Oil, INXS and Ice House. But that's a really good thing believe me. The excellent opener "Deadpan" sets their stall out early doors. A "Tour De Force" might be pushing it but these guys show us that going crazy isn't the sole right of Aussie cricketers (esp when they lose the Ashes this summer)! The tight musicianship all round kicks ass and I couldn't fault the recording/engineering - they clearly have well equipped studios and producers down under! Interesting mixing with some clever bits show these guys have some imagination alright - eg start of "Mrs Bun". Some corking little songs in there, too - lots of laugh out loud lyrics - check out "Inter-species Carnality Blues" for belly laughs - "Are you a man or is that some kind of falsie? Are you left handed or is that some kind of palsy?" I found myself sniggering on the tube whilst listening on my iPod! Added this album at the same time as Elbow's Seldom seen kid and I found myself skipping back to 8L2HY! And Elbow got some crappy Mercury prize for that tosh. Overall a groovy little album I'll be happy to listen to whilst walking the dog or pogoing around Whitstable.

Peter "Katie Price" Andre, Chief Music Writer, May 2009"

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Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

I should have noted that it is nice to see Trevor Reading get some log overdue props.

30/5/09 10:45  
Blogger Paddy said...

Fine work there from the people at the Whitstable Echo doing their bit for the visually-impaired community and it's a delightfully generous review — apart, of course, from the crack about the Ashes. Like this reviewer, I too think the tight musicianship kicks ass.

30/5/09 16:47  
Blogger Crafty said...

Could it be that our new non-exclusive manager is already getting us overseas reviews? When do we start our tour of the Canterbury District? I think their hearing impaired citizens would dig our crazy stage antics!

1/6/09 09:37  
Blogger Dan said...

if I am to be judged according to a schema that has Stiff Little Fingers at one end and Icehouse at the other then I am more than happy with where he has placed us.

can we enter ourselves for the Mercury Prize? Perhaps our new non-exclusive manager for international markets can orchestrate a grass-roots campaign for our inclusion.

I believe one starts this process by creating a facebook group searching for one million people to endorse our entry.

Here's hoping we have enough British passports between us, would hate to miss out on a technicality.

1/6/09 10:14  

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