Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Swans Living In The Park

Where is my badge? Has a question ever been asked more inexpertly? Have the lyrics ever been so clearly about nothing except support for weak rhymes? How do you lay your love on the table, let alone talk about it? Why are you telling me about the swans living in the park? Where is your badge? I don't care. Was George Harrison really everyone's favourite Beatle? Didn't his lame millionaire obsession with eastern religions kind of get up your nose? Was he the second luckiest man on the planet?

All of this is a feeble lead in to the topic of badges.

We should get two more but as Booker T says (he speaks with his hands) time is tight. All the ones I like are a bit oblique but I do favour "Silky Come Home" as Snoopy Come Home was my favourite Charlie Brown book, in fact I think I had the board game of the same name. "Squids Become Electric". "A Woman Of A Different Stripe". "Squid Ink 182". "Squid Ink Reunion Tour 2009". "Squink".

Any thoughts?

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Blogger Dan said...

110 per cent Squid INk 182, IMHO.

because as well as a casual nod to one of my least favourite bands ever it is also a more subtle nod to Turk 182 -- which was one of my favourite movies when I was a kid.


Without this movie I would never have grown up to be a firefighter/graffito artist fighting the currupt leaches over at city hall.

14/7/09 16:14  
Blogger Dan said...

favourite beatle to listen to is, predictably, John. But John was a cnut of a human being and Paul is almost always underrated. That's all I'll say.

14/7/09 16:18  
Blogger Paddy said...

"Squid Ink On Fire"

I am with this 'Dan' character: Squid Ink 182 caught my eye as well.

15/7/09 15:03  
Anonymous jimbo said...

Jumbo flying Squid Ink


17/7/09 13:37  
Blogger Paddy said...

Thanks for that link, Jimbo. My they sound like angry squid.

But, frankly, who wouldn't attack scuba divers? I'd be ripping out their hoses and pulling off their masks too, to be honest. Stupid scuba divers with their mad flippers and irritating coral fixations. The only thing scuba divers did well was to be shot by a harpoon-wielding James Bond in Thunderball.

17/7/09 15:59  

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