Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Plate of Cold Sick

One trouble with the band hiatus has been the effect on my song writing. If you sit around with only an acoustic guitar, or after yesterday a ukulele, all you end up writing are dribbly strummy-wummy songs. Perhaps it is time for the introspective revelation that will be the Modern Doug Park solo album...the Squid members who receive my demo versions of new songs prior to rehearsal will no doubt be excited by this prospect. Often the shuffle function on my Ipod kicks my arse by bringing up MP3s of these demos and the slow, awful, strained shite that makes its way at considerably higher volume (cakewalk's fine work) out of the speakers is an entirely inexquisite agony.

My thesis is that hot rock breeds hot rock. You are what you eat. For this reason don't read free newspapers. And if you promise not to I will consider holding off the solo album.



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