Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things That Simply Cannot Be Told

It will hurt and surprise readers of this blog that I have been feeling a little down of late. I am not sure if it is because of hormoaning or whores moaning (props to Thurston)...some reasons are well known to me and others not.

But surely it is the build up on the heart of the pressure of the incommunicable of which Squid Ink is an excellent release valve. With Silky out watching some weird ritual in Germany we are left rockless and on and on the pressure builds (I can't even be bothered entertaining Paddy with an oxford comma, such is my listlessness).

Plans need to be afoot for some recording. With the arrival of yet more squid in December it seems vital that we capture this crucial period in the bands trajectory (I know a trajectory can be both up and down but can it be straight?).

It is unclear whether we have enough material at present for another album (actually it is fairly clear we don't) so a dangerous EP may be the way to go…although the thought of hiding some of the current gold on an EP gives me highly communicable pressure on the heart.

Anyone at the last gig will have heard the awesome "Tongue Tied", which a colleague who did attend told another colleague who didn't “Unrelenting Tedium's written a new song about nipples,” for the one and only time in that incarnation…as Fluffy has pointed out that the chorus is suspiciously similar to another song, which is sadly not one of ours. Maybe we should post it here for download.

And will Silky please please please let us record Uri?

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Blogger Paddy said...

Your sorrow makes me unhappy. However the thought of recording cheers me right up. I must pull out my pen and start generating some Side B filler.

Pleasingly, the fans could have downloaded your song about nipples from this post had they chosen. We made it available a few weeks ago. Woo! Rock out, people!

18/8/09 15:02  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Thanks P-Bass. As I am a h4ck3r, I have done mashup of said post and plagiarised your bit (for it is me) and included it here.

18/8/09 15:45  
Blogger Dan said...

buck up old son.

I am happy to record Uri if we can get it sounding OK.

I need to think creatively as to who I would like to perform the voice of uri in the spoken word outro.

Ideally I'd like Alec Guinness. Any suggestions?

18/8/09 22:56  
Blogger Paddy said...

Stephen Fry would do it if you tweet him nicely.

Perhaps we should look to somebody from Israel so we could at least get the accent right. I'm told Natalie Portman is half-Israeli.

19/8/09 15:57  
Anonymous HealthRock Productions Innes said...

Wish I could say Squid Ink under new management.. but in Tedium's case I represent old, old management

Vitamin d.. specifically d3, the strongest form..
found in sunshine, deficiency factored into depression, cancer, immune system problems, osteoperosis, obesity etc. Hence seasonal affective disorder (at the end of winter amongst white collar schmoes).
Cure: 10-20 minutes sunshine on bare limbs/torso on as many days as you can manage. In the morning or evening (whilst stretching)= low UV prime time downunda. Face and hands alone just wont do. 20,000mcgs infusion of vitamin d3.

22/8/09 19:10  
Blogger Dan said...

that's weird because I've been spending all this time sitting in the sun drinking beer and eating sausages and I seem to be getting more obese but the hour.

You'd think all the vitamin d would be seeing my right...

22/8/09 20:35  

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