Wednesday, October 21, 2009


A few weeks ago I wrote some music to go with a set of lyrics that Silky-D posted here and then I brought the song along to rehearsal, the lads were very encouraging, and after a few goes the song started to sound pretty good.

The song is a fairly familiar blues riff over a fairly familiar chord progression which gets the foot tapping readily but the thing is that, as it happens, the band in general and Silky in particular are not that keen on the original words. All a bit childish; too easily dated; “not very good” were I think Silky's words but I don't have as good a head for remembering quotes as he does.

So I have been charged with the task of writing new lyrics for the song. This is good in that I wouldn't have to share any writing credits and the song would be mine… all mine! The power! Mwaahaha!… etc. But it is bad in that I don't actually have anything to write.

I have no lyrics to bring to the song. Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that the words are not coming easily from my keyboarding fingers.

Does anybody have any topic suggestions? Or some wonderful, hooky, ear-catching rhyming couplets they can offer?

Perhaps I need to start becoming a positive thinker, a person who will be motivated and inspired to allow the most amazing lyrics to flow into my mind. I need to get the beautiful words flowing into me and melody lines cascading through me

Being a tortured artist is such torture. Particularly when the lads are actually expecting me to actually create some actual art!


Blogger Fluffy said...

How about a song in the form of a secret love letter from a certain fictional Captain in the Royal Navy to a certain fictional dashing and fearless young midshipman?

Won't you give me your oath and we'll be discreet // It's said you're the most promising man in the fleet.

21/10/09 20:44  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

You could try animals for me.

I guess this is what people talk about with the difficult second album. What with huge amounts of money, changed lifestyle and constant endless touring caused by the first album you probably feel exhausted and detached.

22/10/09 08:11  

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