Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brand Awareness

In a great leap forward, a Braggian rather than a Maoist, for our non-exclusive manager, and for the greater Squid Ink cause (perhaps this is the first step in our long march...what you just heard was the sound of a metaphor breaking) as the album is now available to the general public!
For the Squid Ink fans, and they are legion, who have access to the library in the municipality of Port Phillip and don't have the internet access by which to get the album free from this blog, they can now borrow it!
Our non-exclusive manager has been busy re-enforcing the brand! Now library goers in the inner south of Melbourne, when asked if they know Squid Ink, hold an outside chance of saying "ummm...I think I have seen the name somewhere".

Lyric note: Port Phillip rhymes (sort of, as Paddy might caution) with Mary MacKillop.


Blogger Paddy said...

What a staggering piece of news. May the people of Port Phillip enjoy the Squid magic.

Mary MacKillop is a perfert rhyme for Port Phillip as the accent on both is on the "-ill" syllable and that sound is identical for both words. The unaccented, feminine syllable that ends each line is a schwa with a "p" at the end. Identical, you see. No "sort of" here. Port Phillip rhymes with MacKillop. Now, the question is how the hell does the fact that Port Phillip rhymes with Mary MacKillop help anybody?

11/4/10 20:44  

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