Monday, July 05, 2010

The force of imagination

Only seconds ago did I finally notice that the monkey in the Squid Ink poster has his brain exposed ready for the hot oil. My apologies to all for being so obtuse but now that I've finally caught up let me say that this is red-freakin-hot. Nice work Inkers!

Nice work too on all who saw the gig last night. An enthusiastic and generous audience. I do apologise for not urging the band to play the crowd-favourite, impossible-to-spell Mnemosyne: it turns out there was a faction pressing for an airing of that bass-friendly number. But, I must say, we've been playing that song for four years — we might take a pass on it once in a while.


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

It is a fine fine poster, sprung from the fully enclosed brain of Crafty. Sadly, this enclosure does not guarantee the immediate recognition of newer songs via name alone...but nifty posters are at his beck and call.

I enjoyed the gig the other night the most out of any we have played. Not sure why but I think it may be that it has been so long since we played and rehearsed. I ha d a fantastic time. And we made $55 out of it to boot.

One audience member asked my brother who Mick Jagger was.

6/7/10 14:18  
Blogger Fluffy said...


6/7/10 15:29  
Blogger Fluffy said...

PS that picture is massively disturbing.

6/7/10 15:30  

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