Friday, June 25, 2010

By Popular Demand

Had it not been for the keen reader of this blog, we might never have advertised the upcoming gig in this, the most obvious of places. Our own self-funded focus group. The locus of our brand power. Where the band gestalt takes the pulse of our broad and deep fan base.

When: Sunday, 4th of July, 8pm.
Where: The Empress Hotel, Nicholson St.
With: Colour Kids and The Chemistry Set (the nicest guys in rock).

The rock will be hot. Plenty of new songs (Silky and Crafty usually recognise them once we have played a few bars), and plenty of old favs. The set list may not be too adventurous as some stupid footballing nonsense has kept us from each other.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Chemistry Set aka the nicest guys in rock?
Is that a local band?
Are you talking about the UK based band?

26/6/10 00:39  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Hi Dead Bees. This Chemistry Set is a local Melbourne band. Are you interested in putting out our record? It is a life changer.

27/6/10 12:49  
Blogger Andy Fuller said...

i hope to make it.

27/6/10 13:23  

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