Monday, July 19, 2010

Feelings I Have

I love the dudes.

I love the hot rock.

I feel frustrated that we rehearse so rarely (I mean no blame in this. It is hard to get four hot dudes in the room at once).

I feel very happy when we play a gig...elated even.

I am more than a little hurt that only complete strangers who are just trying to promote their own lame shit can be bothered to comment on posts...I just can't compete with facebook.


Blogger Paddy said...

I feel chastened

20/7/10 10:02  
Blogger Dan said...

I feel you, man.

It's all gunna be ok.

20/7/10 10:59  
Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Thanks guys.

As I say, I love the dudes...and once more, Fuck You Joven.

20/7/10 12:44  
Blogger Fluffy said...

I love the dudes too. Can you write a song called "Fuck you, Joven"?

20/7/10 17:04  

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