Monday, January 30, 2012

The Not So Difficult Second Album

The beds have been made for Squid Ink album number two, attempt number two. If this were charades I would have just held up two fingers followed by putting the two fingers on my sleeve. "Second word! Second syllable!!".

We have kept the super hot shit from the first session (now a full two years honourable son number II is now two and I had to dash from the last session to his heavily pregnant mother) and dropped the merely hot shit. Step forward "Words From Ham" (for it is he!). If Silky is to be believed, Teenage Fanclub already wrote the best song ever about astro-chimps.

Fortunately Silky's silky work remains on several tracks including Melbourne's finest Bryan Ferry impression for the lead vocals on "Hare Trigger".

Paddy has taken a giant leap for mankind with his contribution, "One Step".

And as usual I provide the quantity for appropriate contrast and surround for Paddy's quality.

This coming Saturday we re-enter the West Wing to finish the job off!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Once in a while I am surprised at work when my otherwise un-rock-'n'-roll job throws up a moment where it seems the prosaic has managed to peer into my soul.

To wit (for it is so!):

I received a meeting request via email entitled "A Walk Through The SAD".

I accepted hastily and look forward to it with uncommon interest. I think I shall wear a hand-knitted Joy Division jumper.