Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brand Awareness

In a great leap forward, a Braggian rather than a Maoist, for our non-exclusive manager, and for the greater Squid Ink cause (perhaps this is the first step in our long march...what you just heard was the sound of a metaphor breaking) as the album is now available to the general public!
For the Squid Ink fans, and they are legion, who have access to the library in the municipality of Port Phillip and don't have the internet access by which to get the album free from this blog, they can now borrow it!
Our non-exclusive manager has been busy re-enforcing the brand! Now library goers in the inner south of Melbourne, when asked if they know Squid Ink, hold an outside chance of saying "ummm...I think I have seen the name somewhere".

Lyric note: Port Phillip rhymes (sort of, as Paddy might caution) with Mary MacKillop.

Friday, April 09, 2010

Treading On Toes

It's an awkward situation. I so rarely post but here I have several possible posts and I don't want to slam them home all at once for fear that they will drown each other out. Let us hope I remember them for a few days. I could have done them as drafts but then they may remain like the two drafts still in our list of posts, tantalisingly unfinished (What on earth had Paddy been pondering? In the midst of my wounded, emotional bleat, what had stung most in the plain panoply of possible hurts and barbs? Do I have a gear other than wounded,emotional bleat? At least Paddy toggles between pondering and furious rage).

So to this post. I feel odd about posting my proposed lyrics to Pink, or Play The Bass as it is now called because I think both sets of lyrics that exist are excellent and I do not intend this to suggest that these lyrics are superior. I just liked the idea that the song be about playing the bass...something I don't do. So I will not be in the least hurt if they are ignored, or butchered, or re-cast in excrement and left at my front door.

Give me four strings and a single coil
put me stage right and I'm on the boil
Makes my bowels slack and my muscle tighten
Play me thunder and give me lightening
You want guitar with some decent heft?
You'll never find it on the treble clef

You can keep your b, your top e
it's all a disgrace
Play the ace
Play the bass

Four live wires makes me go too far
My Bass guitar wants to kill your ma
Play so low that it makes you bleed
It's the only good thing about Paul McCartney
All I need is a precision in hand
you'll never need two of me in the band

That lowdown rumble
it makes my blood race
Play the ace
Play the bass

A split humbucker to unleash my rage
A skeleton suit on a festival stage
A pen nib beard gives you N.I.B.
I don't need anesthesia when I'm pulling teeth
Give me a lead break, I'll give you a B flat
See Roger Waters rip a new hole in Guy Pratt


Just guitar and drums?
what a mistake
Play the ace
Play the bass

The White Keys and Black Stripes
What a waste
Play the ace
Play the bass

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