Monday, February 06, 2012

Inch By Inch Of Hot Rock

Another hard session in the hands of the fifth Squid, Trevor, has yielded a near complete recording. We have rough mixes, and in listening back to them I am only unhappy with one track (so much so that I think it is a non-starter...this will make about 5 rarities to our name...time is tight for coming up with a punning title for our rarities album).

It looks like it is down to me and P-blanket to sit nearby Trevor as he does the mixing as Crafty and his fabulous missus have ensured that for the first time Squid babies outnumber band members. Well done to all involved and the warmest and heartiest of welcomes to the new dude!

In an odd turn at the studio my voice failed me and dropped off a few notes at the top of my range which meant several songs were now Paddy's to sing. He has done a spanking job with them (dare I say, improved even on my normally untouchable efforts), especially the ode to Julie Bishop that is Motorcade. It is a ripper. A smash hit for sure.

Whilst others were making cups of tea I had a flick through the Complete Beatles Recording Session notes where every session they did is documented. I found it slightly infuriating that where we have a few minutes to get a part right before we settle for good enough or it is abandoned, they had weeks and weeks of attempts with takes counting into the hundreds in some instances. Still though, arguably and wrongly, they had earned a bit more flexibility than we have.

Once more congratulations and welcome to Crafty's new son. I am thrilled for all involved.