Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Guitar Gulag 100

The blog has been super quiet recently...and I am upset for our devoted readers. Always.

I was wandering about the web and encountered Rolling Stones opinion of who the 100 greatest guitarists are. I will now subject you to my opinion of the 100th and intend to proceed at my will and leisure toward number 1.

Believe or not number 100 is:

Lindsay Buckingham.

The inheritor of the Fleetwood Mac frets from the mighty Peter Green (I am yet to check if he appears in the list!). Lindsay is certainly an accomplished player. He can rock the Les Paul but his acoustic picking is where he excels. The recommended tracks for admiring his artistry on the short bio sell him short imho (Go Your Own Way...FFS).

I am embarrassed to admit I am struggling to look past the antipathy I have toward Lindsay's band (and also his appalling over-emoting displayed on any youtube footage). Having said that, I very much enjoy hacking my way through Lindsay's acoustic showcase on the Rumours album "Never Going Back Again". He plays it quite a lot better than me...quite a bit. Check out the Buck back in the day with exactly that song here.

In short, I can't quibble with his place at 100 despite having no love for the single-nostriled banshees and doesn't-know-his-station-drummer that he chose to spend his highly-profitable time with. Dude has boring  but perfect chops.


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