Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Good Reason Not To Cut Your Finger

In a desperate and despairing moment (caused by the realisation that cutting the tip of my left index finger whilst chopping mint for a delighftful mint sauce meant that rehearsal, for one week at least, was now cancelled) I turned to the ipad and its natty version of the Garageband application.

I was certain that my song writing, though hitherto limited to expression through my lightening fretwork and a solid amount of distortion and reverb to cover even the deepest of blushes and a decent paucity of practice, would be able to transition easily to the synth world.

As the document above displays, this is not the case. What an abomination. What a travesty. What an injustice.What an exercise in pusillanimity!

Please heal yourself finger of mine...quickly.

The video is what it obviously is, i.e. me using the computer camera to create enough footage (which shows a patient and good humoured me, happy to indulge myself, and a jolly wife sorting out some quilt-making in the background) to cover the song, getting bored after half the length and repeating it. Ingenious. Certainly more inspired than the setting of the song.

A quick annoyance about Garageband. Once you tell its "smart" instruments what major or minor key you are in, you can only play diatonic chords. Now for a songwriter who depends on mixing up minor and major chords for a bit of harmonic variety (or a key change FFS) this is quite limiting and only adds to the vapidity at work here.


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