Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lesson 17 of Paddy's continuing tutorial on how to play the drums


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

There is probably a little something in there on how to play guitar also...particularly accuracy and vibrato.

It is always worth remembering in these days of reality TV that some of the stars were actually good at something before they focused on fame for its own sake. My oh my, how far has Ozzy fallen? One of the great frontmen (take note Plant...just sing the tune...stop fucking around and showing sounds are embarrassing yourself).

2/6/11 20:51  
Blogger Paddy said...

You're bang on. Clearly lessons there in stage presence as well.

Being late to the party as ever, this clip is the first I've seen of Osbourne in front of the band: it is twenty-four carat solid gold. I had no clue that he could ever look so young and puppy-like and yet rock harder than a boulder of granite. Brilliant.

But I've heard the recording of this song a hundred thousand times of course and yet had not noticed that the high-hat bit in the verse was not just Ward hitting closed hats or just him closing them with the pedal but was him hitting the hats while closing them at the same time. Why would you do that? Because it's genius: that's why you would do that.

3/6/11 09:02  

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