Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Squid Tank A Failure

STOP THE PRESS!!! as Silky-d probably says on a daily basis. A quick test run with some local four-legged furry squids has shown the tank to be an abject failure. Within seconds the furry squids had broken free from the tank and resumed biting each other on the ears in a playful manner. Despite the band electing me Big Chief Squid Wrangler, after a fairly bitter and dirty election campaign run by some other band members, with specific remit to rear a pet giant squid for mascot and fund-raising purposes I don't think I can risk my family and, indeed, the good people of Thornbury. I must build it higher!

Possible lyric idea:

Fear and ink had come from glee
When my giant squid broke free
Poor design has risked Thornbury
Instead I should have kept a sweet Hinny


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