Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Norman Invasion

A massive shockwave rippled through the Squid Ink blog this afternoon when, a little distracted and not quite focusing on his exciting day-job, Silky-D/ The Silk Root googled his pseudonym to see what he might find.

Turns out, wait for it kids, there's another superstar of rock trading under the name Silky-D. Here he is at:

All of this raises immediate questions as to who is cooler, who should back the f_ck down and find a new name, and who should hold their nerve and keep delivering to the people the touch of silk they need and deserve.

To my mind he looks kinda goofy. He's wearing a cardigan for one and his real name IS Norman. That's two definite strikes.

However on the plus side he was taught guitar by Muddy Waters and his bio describes him "a cross between Doctor John and Delbert McClinton" which is at least half cool (I presume you'll sense which half).

If I knew how (or had more confidence in obtaining the right result) I'd run an online poll to see who gets to keep the name. Game on, Norman.


Blogger Unrelenting Tedium said...

Well on the plus side the site hasn't been updated since 2003 so it is possible that Norm has passed away and the handle has moved once more into the public domain. Is it worth picking up the Stikmen CD (teasingly entitled "Livin' Proof"...of what exactly...middle-aged session musos? I hadn't noticed anyone questioning their existence...but I am usually too busy listening to my Dr John records to know what time it is on the Stikmen's street) and checking out the work of these thrillbilly guitarists?

5/7/06 17:08  
Blogger silky-D said...

It says "will be updated soon" so I'm still a little jumpy.
Worth noting also that these people are serial offenders in the name stealing stakes. Their debut album was called "you gotta believe" which, if I'm not mistaken, was already taken by a certain Marky Mark and the Funky bunch.
Not to mention the Mary J Blige song of the same name.
Muddy Waters indeed.

5/7/06 17:26  

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