Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's the extras that they get you on

We took a break during rehearsal on Tuesday (we were rocking, thanks for asking) and strolled up to Alasya for a strength-reviving kebab apiece. David, sagely, demanded chilli sauce on our kebabs and—hold on to your hats, kittens—they charged an extra eighty cents on each one. 80¢ for chilli sauce which surely must be standard on a well-made kebab.

Thankfully, I'm not so poor that I can't afford the 80¢ but there is a principle here that I will uphold to the death. Charging extra for items that should be standard—and I'm also thinking about anchovies on your capricciosa or tomatoes on your hamburger—is evil.

The kebab tasted mighty fine, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sick of "the man" squeezing every little penny out of my hard earned kebab dollars.

I agree Alasya kebabs are brilliant but 80c for a squirt of chilli sauce that is purchased in bulk (5 litre barrel) is certainly not the 'spice I need in my life'.

Bring back all you can handle chilli sauce!

23/6/06 18:28  
Blogger Paddy said...

Yes indeed, anonymous. "The man" is not rock. All you can handle chilli sauce is rock.

26/6/06 09:47  

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