Friday, June 30, 2006


We had the pleasure of playing with a second guitarist at rehearsal this week.

Doug has been saying for some time that he wants the support of another guitar as he doesn't feel he carries the sound sufficiently while my style is certainly not in the Primus/Death From Above bass-driven school.

Dan was certainly rusty and turned his volume down severely from lack of confidence but I must say it made a big difference. Everything we played sounded rockier and better and it is clear that as Dan gets more familiar with the material we will be red-freakin-hot.

Next time we play we'll get him a microphone: four-part harmonies for Slipping Away! Bring it on.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rehearsal cancelled!!!

In a surprise move today, Crafty has cancelled rehearsal for the coming week (04/07/06). David cited out of hours work commitments for the sudden change of plans and has cancelled the room at the Dane Centre. Apologies have been sent to all band members and every effort will be made to get back on track the following week, however, there are no guarantees at this point that the work commitments will be concluded by then. Stay tuned for further updates.

A big softie

I just started playing around with a soft synth. Between you and me On The Run makes a lot more sense now.

A good question

Why was it that I was unable to record any songs last night for SuperDan? Laziness… ennui… I realise this question may not be particularly vexing but it is one that troubles me. I gave the dogs a good, and much needed, pat (though I realise this is little compensation). Lyric idea: Are you left-handed or is that some kind of palsy.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Some chords

In a late and hopeless effort to assist our potential new guitarist, or indeed for anyone who wants to play along at home, here are the chords to three of our greatest hits.

Mrs Bun

Verse: Em C G C x4

Bridge: C D Em x2

Chorus: C D G Bm Em x2


Eb5 E D G D x2

Eb5 E D Cm G Am D


Verse: E F#m x4

Bridge: B C# D F

Chorus: F#m C#m B A

Friday, June 23, 2006


After establishing the name of these critters, I believe Hinnies are long overdue for a song. I had heard that the progeny of a stallion and a jenny had a different name to that of a mare and a jack which is, of course, a mule. I had heard that they were less desirable than a mule because the are not as hard working and less pliant. However, my heart was gladened to find they are just harder to produce as stallions are less likely to be attracted to jennies than the other pairing.

The reason I bring this up here is that they have been going around my head for days and make excellent candidates for a song or even a concept album (the pain and dislocation brought on by cross-species-breeding-caused infertility could make a moving ballad).

Hinny rhymes with whinnie, ninnie, gimme, in me, and many other words. Donkeys are my favourite animals (largely because the look on their face suggests the joke is on you) and any cross-breed is worth giving the time of day to.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's the extras that they get you on

We took a break during rehearsal on Tuesday (we were rocking, thanks for asking) and strolled up to Alasya for a strength-reviving kebab apiece. David, sagely, demanded chilli sauce on our kebabs and—hold on to your hats, kittens—they charged an extra eighty cents on each one. 80¢ for chilli sauce which surely must be standard on a well-made kebab.

Thankfully, I'm not so poor that I can't afford the 80¢ but there is a principle here that I will uphold to the death. Charging extra for items that should be standard—and I'm also thinking about anchovies on your capricciosa or tomatoes on your hamburger—is evil.

The kebab tasted mighty fine, though.

The band, Elwood, the band!

Squid Ink are a three-piece¹ rock group from sunny Melbourne.

  • Modern Doug Park: Lead guitar and lead vocals
  • Harpo: Lead bass and lead vocals
  • Crafty: Lead drums and lead vocals
Our extensive back-catalogue having entertained many in our time will finally be presented to the massing throng in our home town. It has taken far too long to give our home fans a taste of what they've been missing but they get their turn shortly.

¹ for the moment